Still So Much FUN Left to Be Had

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In this age of vaporware tokens and spacious talk of “ecosystems” and “architecture,” it’s rare to find projects that have tangible products that have practical use cases and can in fact be used today. FunFair Technologies is one such project in that it has games you actually play and a coin that has a clear, […]

Standing Sentinel – SENT

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After the parabolic run that Orchid Protocol (OXT) had last week, suddenly a lot more people are interested in decentralized VPN (often abbreviated as dVPN) providers and are kicking themselves for having missed out on the big bloom. Many of these individuals may be unaware that there is actually another player in the space. Of […]

The Age of Aquariuscoin

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Initially this coin caught my eye because of its ticker symbol ARCO, which —as somewhat of a mini-mart aficionado—I associated with the iconic gas station/convenience store chain familiar to most Americans. However, the ticker turned out to represent something even cooler, a coin with astrological aesthetics and an aquatic theme, both of which correlate with […]

Banano-rama! (BAN)

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I found out about this coin because they were offering a 100k airdrop through their LBRY channel. BAN is pretty cheap, trading at about $0.0013 right now (which is actually a bit of an upswing from where it sat not too long ago). The all time high was just $.003, while the all time low […]

Going BONKers

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While watching vids on LBRY, I came across a strange new token called “BONK,” (lol). I don’t really know what to make of it. These ERC20 tokens are becoming a dime a dozen, but this one does have a couple of things going for it: Transparency – For the most part, the website lays out […]

Hesitations On Cardano

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I have thought about getting into Cardano numerous times, but the unresolved wallet/deposit/withdrawal issues on exchanges have given me pause. I purchased some recently on an exchange about a month ago, and soon realized that I couldn’t withdraw the coins due to there being a “maintenance” issue. I thought it might be a glitch specific […]