The Terrifically Epic World of Triffic

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One of the main reasons I haven’t been writing about crypto as much is that I’ve been preoccupied with “physically” earning GPS tokens through an augmented reality gaming app called Triffic. Utilizing blockchain technology, Triffic operates as a childchain on the Ardor platform, (which is already a point in its favor in terms of quality). […]

Keeping It Casual With Litecoin Cash

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Most people are familiar with Bitcoin Cash, a crypto currency created from a fork of Bitcoin in 2017. Since Bitcoin had become more of an investment currency, Bitcoin Cash—with its faster processing time—was created to function as a transactional currency. The well known coin is listed on prominent exchanges like Coinbase and trades at fairly […]

Standing Sentinel – SENT

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After the parabolic run that Orchid Protocol (OXT) had last week, suddenly a lot more people are interested in decentralized VPN (often abbreviated as dVPN) providers and are kicking themselves for having missed out on the big bloom. Many of these individuals may be unaware that there is actually another player in the space. Of […]

The Age of Aquariuscoin

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Initially this coin caught my eye because of its ticker symbol ARCO, which —as somewhat of a mini-mart aficionado—I associated with the iconic gas station/convenience store chain familiar to most Americans. However, the ticker turned out to represent something even cooler, a coin with astrological aesthetics and an aquatic theme, both of which correlate with […]